About Us

CUVO (Chess United Via Organization), is an organization aimed to provide the ultimate chess experience online for local clubs around Canada.


Play with an enthusiastic chess community. Meet chess players from all local clubs around Canada. People you have a good chance of meeting and playing chess with. 

Online Tournament

Play Tournaments online from people all around Canada. We have a variety of time controls. And even a day for different styles of chess. A safe and fun environment.

Club Exposure

Network your club with chess enthusiasts and other chess clubs from all around Canada. Involve your club on this massive project, and join chess enthusiasts.

How to Join

We hold tournaments Fridays, Tuesdays, and Sundays from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. We are always open to change and making the experience better. Lichess.org is the website we use right now for tournaments. So you would need to create an account to be able to play tournaments on lichess.org. Then you can join the tournaments and play. You also have the option to join our online club on lichess.org. We will have discussion, news, and tournament links. 

Associated Clubs

Get your Club Associated with this organization. It will help the chess community grow and your club to gain exposure. Here is what you get by your club Joining: you will be Listed on the site for chess players all around the country to view your club and contacts, You will be apart of a large community of chess enthusiasts, and you will be able to make connections with other chess clubs around Canada. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you can find your answer here.

Can we have a different time control?

We will have polls on this website regarding time controls and different chess websites. Sending a message also helps us know that people want a change.

Why do i get the same pairings on lichess.org?

It probably happened to many of us where you get paired a couple times in a row with the same player. This is out of our control it is how the pairing system works on lichess.org. This happens sometimes because you two are the only two not playing. If you want to avoid that scenario you can try pressing the pause button until your recent opponent gets paired up again.

How long is the tournament?

The tournament span is about 3 hours. We chose the time span as if a long club game was being played out. You can leave at anytime and join at anytime.

Can you send me direct emails for upcoming tournament links?

Absolutely, it will be easier for you and us. Contact us below, send us your name and email at: cuvochess@gmail.com

What time does the tournament start?

The tournaments will start at 7:30 to 10:30 pm. In the event that we have a poll and the majority would like to change the time of the tournament, we will change it.

What other platforms other than the website are there?

We have a facebook, lichess.org, and chess.com accounts you can sign up with. 

For contact though we prefer email. cuvochess@gmail.com


Contact Us 

Call: 2894006602

Email: CuvoChess@gmail.com

Facebook: Coming soon!